Bellevue, NE Relocation

Welcome to Bellevue, Nebraska! In order to best suit your relocation needs, we have compiled the following list of links to vital local information. These links will guide you to further information on Bellevue’s government, public safety, utilities, telephone, internet, cable, demographics, and news. Please feel free to visit any of the links provided below and discover how easy it is to relocate to Bellevue today!

Bellevue, NE Government & Public Safety Information


City of Bellevue Official Website


Bellevue Chamber of Commerce


Police Department


Fire Department


Bellevue Community Links

Bellevue, NE Utilities


Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD)

Water and Sewer Service


Electric Utility Service

Black Hills Energy

Gas Utility Service


Telephone, Internet, and/or Cable


Telephone Connection, Inc.  








Bellevue, NE Demographics


Bellevue Cost of Living


U.S. Census Bureau Fact Sheet


Bellevue, NE News


Bellevue Leader


Plattsmouth Journal


Omaha World-Herald

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