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Westside Omaha also known as District 66 includes  popular neighborhoods such as Loveland, Swanson, Rockbrook, and Oakdale. The area of Westside Omaha is primarily defined by the much coveted Westside School District. The school district in this area maintains a reputation of being one of the country’s best school districts for over 60 years. The schools in Westside are known for their qualified and talented teachers and innovative educational programs which always place District 66 schools ahead of the curb.

Homes in Westside are not only located in one of the best school districts in the U.S. but they are also centrally located near great shopping, dining and other great community amenities. The homes and neighborhoods in the district vary in style and amenities but most boast larger lot sizes and maintain a family friendly atmosphere.

Westside Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

  • Arbor Sanctuary
  • Armbrust Oaks
  • Armbrust Rockbrook
  • Bella Machree
  • Beverly Hills
  • Bridgefords Rockbrook
  • Cedar Hills
  • Cornish Heights
  • Dolls Rockbrook
  • Glen Oaks
  • Green Acres
  • Happy Hollow Hills
  • Indian Hills Village
  • Leawood
  • Loveland
  • Loveland View
  • Mullens Rockbrook
  • Oakdale Woods
  • Prairie Lane
  • Rockbrook
  • Rockbrook Creek Estates
  • Rockbrook Heights
  • Rockbrook Park
  • Southwest Village
  • Spring Green
  • Sun Valley
  • Sunset Hills
  • Sunset Meadows
  • Tracy Terrace
  • Underwood Hills
  • Valley View Heights
  • West Highlands
  • West Loveland
  • West Rockbrook
  • Westchester
  • Westchester Lane
  • Westgate


Nearly seven decades ago, three small rural Omaha school districts joined together to form one school district. The guiding principal behind the unification was that the new school district would be guided by high standards of excellence, innovation, and community. Accompanying the creation of District 66 was the birth of a community of education which endures today bridging various Omaha area neighborhoods with a common purpose. The highly coveted district, dedicated to excellence, has also added value to the Westside area way of life.

Parks and Recreation

There are many parks throughout Omaha but those who own Westside Omaha NE homes will find a number of parks in and around their neighborhoods. Things like city parks with shelters, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools and multiple community centers are scattered throughout the Westside. Westside Omaha real estate offers home owners opportunities throughout the Westside so no matter what neighborhood a family lives in, they will have a great park close to home. Other recreation that the city is involved in includes hockey leagues, ice skating, basketball and baseball for both youth and adults.

Parks in Westside Omaha

Local Attractions

Omaha itself is chopped full of attractions and things to do all year long. The Omaha Zoo and Aquarium offers various shows and features that include an indoor desert, indoor ocean and all kinds of cats that provide entertainment for all ages. The Westside area is home to various attractions as well.

Westside Area Attractions

Local Events

There are many events in and around the Westside Omaha. From seasonal minor league baseball to art shows, concerts and rodeos, Omaha always has something going on for those of all ages. 

The Westside Omaha home buyer will enjoy all that Omaha has to offer combined with the smaller side of city living in one of the many available neighborhoods in the Westside / District 66 area.

Any interested Westside Omaha home buyer should contact Jo Anne today for more information at (402) 981-6677 or by e-mail JoAnne@JoAnneAmoura.com. With its prime location and affordable home prices, there is never been a better time to buy property in Westside Omaha. Many surrounding neighborhoods like Bellevue, Elkhorn, Omaha, Papillion and Millard might also meet your needs.
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